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Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will need some help with the second video and jumps score sheet. 
 Video 1: Balance, Hopping to Freeze, and Hop Scotch (week 3/6) 
Jumps Decathlon for all year groups. Please print out the score sheet to fill in your scores. Equipment needed: Tape measure, markers, and a timer. 
To jump as high you can use 1 or 2 feet. 1-foot takeoffs are best when running, 2 feet takeoffs are best if you are still or need to spring off a bouncy surface. Are you a good lander? can you land on 2 feet QUIETLY, and without stepping forward? 
KS2 and year 2's 
Mastering your shoelaces. 
Joining ropes together and making bangles to wear. 
Attaching a rope 

Skipping and skipping with a rope 

Warm-up, hop around all the space you have practicing freezing on one foot without wobbling. Practice hopping on both feet. 
Main skill 1) skipping. This is hopping but on one foot at a time. Try lifting your knee high off the ground to help give you lift.
Main skill 2) skipping with a rope. If you don't have a proper skipping rope perhaps a dressing gown cord or better still a bit of washing line or any weighted rope? 
Start by getting the rope length right. Stand on the rope and hold it by your sides and adjust so there is no extra rope.

To skip, step in front of the rope
lift the rope over your head
Then try to keep your hands low using your wrists to keep the rope moving.
Give yourself a score each time you jump the rope.

KS2 - Coordination and reaction time

High Catches
Rebound catches

High Catches
Any ball or even a piece of clothes will do.

Face your shadow, you don't want the sun in your eyes.
Throw it high then move your feet so it falls in front of you, passing in front of your face
When you have mastered throwing it high and moving into position it's catching time.
Close your hands then open them like a book joined at the little fingers (one big catching hand). Reach up high above your head and on contact with your ball quickly pull your hands down to slow your ball and trap it against your body.

Rebound catches: (You need a ball or balled socks)
Stand a few steps back from a wall and practice catch your rebounds. here are a few to try. Catching a partners throw can also make it harder.
1) 10 x 2 handed catches from underarm throw
2) 5 x catches from overarm throw (lower rebound)
3) Your ages worth of one handed in each hand. e.g. left throw left catch. reset to zero if you drop.
4) Left to rights x 10 Left throw, right catches, right throws left catches,
5) If you have floor space and a ball that bounces well, use a strong over arm throw to bounce the ball onto the floor to hit the wall and then catch, what's your record? Can you invent a catching game?

Juggling (any hand size ball will do, you could make up some juggling balls with rice or dried beans in kitchen foil or cling film and put into a sock.
Practice in front of your bed or a sofa so its easier/quicker to pick up any drops.

1) use 1 ball and throw L to R, R to L... keeping your hand to your sides. The ball should make an arc at your forehead height.
2) Second ball. As before throw 1 ball up and over in the arc forehead high, then the second a little lower as soon as you have passes the first.
3) When you can pass ball 1, R high to L and ball 2 from L low to R, reverse it (see demo video)
if you can do step 3 you can juggle 3, start with 2 balls in 1 hand and 1 in the other.
Hi Everyone,
Today I would like you to have a go at an AGILITY run test. You can make it smaller if you don't have enough room. 10meters by 5 meters is the maximum
It's not going to be too long before we are all back and able to enjoy the summer sports so please keep practicing long throws and catches to get ready for the cricket and rounders.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon. 
Mr Studd
Indoor brain games to do in between school work to wake you up and test your coordination
Shoulder, hip, and leg flexibility video
Shoulder, hip and leg flexibility and stretches.
Indoor PE Ideas
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