Attendance Update

As from September 2015 the Government is changing the persistent absence threshold from 15% to 10%. This will mean that pupils whose attendance is 90% or below will be considered a persistent absentee (PA).

Attendance and punctuality is directly linked to attainment and success in education and is closely monitored by school staff. If required, a referral to the Education Welfare Officer may be made for additional support.

If a pupil fails to achieve 90% attendance and has 10 or more sessions (half days) of unauthorised absence recorded on the attendance register in a given period, a penalty notice may be issued by the Local Authority.

Leave of absence will not be authorised in term time. Consideration will be given to requests made under exceptional circumstances and all requests should be requested in advance, on the appropriate request form available from school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their support in ensuring the regular and punctual attendance of their children. If you require any further information or would like support with attendance issues please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The School Day

  • Morning: 9.00am – 12.15pm

  • Afternoon: 1.15pm – 3.15pm

Children should not arrive at school before 8.50 am as the school cannot be held responsible before this time.  Registration is at 8.50am. Lessons begin at 9am.



Taking Holiday in Term Time

In September 2013 the law changed and Headteachers are no longer permitted to authorise holiday in term time. Headteachers are permitted to authorise Leave of Absence in term time in exceptional circumstances only.

The school year is very short. There are only 190 days on which lessons occur and any absenteeism during this time can affect your child’s progress and attainment. The Government expects your child to attend school for 190 days and requires the Headteacher to make sure they do.

Please do not plan a holiday in term time unless there really is no alternative. The school will not approve any term time holiday unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Any holiday taken without the approval of the school will appear as Unauthorised Absence on the child’s attendance record. A Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued if holiday is taken in term time without the school’s approval.

If you still wish to request permission for a leave of absence in term time, please complete the absence request form below and return it to the office or email it to at least two weeks prior to the intended absence.